OK, Google: Tell me something good


Sometimes it seems that all news is bad news. But while there are lots of difficult, challenging, and even scary things happening in the world right now, they are not the whole story. In the Science of the Positive, we always balance CONCERN with HOPE. The news media, unfortunately, does not do the same. During my three decades of health promotion work, I have learned that no problem, big or small, can be tackled without the energizing power of HOPE. Without it, we can be tempted to throw up our hands, walk away, and give up on a lost cause.

 The folks at Google have cleverly named this the “hope gap,” and they are taking steps to close it using Google Assistant. Just ask your Android phone to tell you something good, and it will reply with a story of positive change happening in the world right now. You can read more about it here, but in the meantime, reflect on what you can do to close “hope gaps” in your neck of the woods.